Rum Balls – New packaging available now in Woolworths Supermarkets


A truly decadent treat made with real Rum!

Our Rum Balls are great for entertaining a group and also make a fantastic gift for your friends and family.

The exciting new box can be found in the Christmas isle at Woolworths.

For more information regarding the availability and distribution of Rum Balls and our original Chocolate Rum Balls click here


Leda Nutrition - Dedicated to Gluten and Dairy-Free Products

Dedicated to Gluten and Dairy-Free Products

We started producing gluten and dairy free health food bars in 1996, to cater for the increasing dietary and allergenic requirements.

Equally important to us was the growing number of health conscious consumers seeking healthier snacking alternatives.



LEDA offer a great range of biscuits, snack bars, and speciality products.